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FAQ Before you come to Bangalore, India

  • Do I need a VISA?

    Yes. You need to get student VISA, so please apply for it beforehand. We are happy to support you get your visa as well.

  • Is Bangalore safe / dangerous?

    Bangalore is well known as one of the safest cities in India as well as a city of Silicon Valley so that a lot of foreigners live comfortably here

  • How is weather like in Bangalore, India?

    Weather is amazingly comfortable in Bangalore as morning and evening are rather refreshing compared with Deli, Chennai and other regions where the temperature goes up over over 40℃ / 104F in May-July.

After you arrive in Bangalore, India

  • Where is Spiceup Academy located and how can I get there?

    The closest airport is Bangalore International Airport, and it takes about 1hour from the airport to our academy. You can use airport taxi to come but as the easiest way, we offer an airport pick-up service, so feel free to use it. (Charge: US$ 29)

  • How is accommodation like?

    You will be staying at a PG (common guest house in India) where you can make local Indian friends and steep yourself into Indian culture. (See Accommodation page to get more details.) There are many options available for accommodation, it also depends on the budget of your stay.

  • Are there international cuisines restaurants in Bangalore, India?

    Definitely yes. You can try so many different kinds of restaurants in Bangalore - Indian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Turkish and more!


  • What kinds of courses do you offer?

    - General English Course

    - E-Learning

    - Business English Course

    - Business English and E-Learning






  • How strict are the rules on academic conduct?

More info please email us at info@spiceup.in

Call us on +91-80-4203-6323

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