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Life around Spiceup Academy, India

Around Spiceup Academy, there are lots of nice restaurants and cafes.

Here are some of the ones we recommend:

China Pearl (Ave. Rs.300 per person) [Chinese]

ANGREJI (Ave. Rs.200 per person) [Italian, Pizza, Fast Food]

The Tuck Shop (Ave. Rs.250 per person) [Continental, American]

Yana Sizzlers (Ave. Rs.350 per person) [Chinese, Thai, Sea Food]

Juice Junction (Ave. Rs.50 per person) [Juices, Fast Food, Healthy Food]

Polar Bear (Ave. Rs.150 per person) [Cafe, Desserts, Fast Food]

In Koramangala 5th block, there are 6 Chinese restaurants, 5 Italian restaurants, 2 Sea Food restaurants, 4 Continental restaurants, 5 Fast Food, and 4 cafes.

You can find detailed information about these eateries on the following link.


Cost of Living in India

Transportation for city centre Basic Groceries
Auto-rickshaw: Approx. Rs.70~150 Shampoo: Rs.150~400
Bus: Approx. Rs.20~50 Soap: Rs.15~50
Metro: Approx. Rs.15~50 Archeological Museum Toilet Paper (6 rolls): Rs.300~450

*Depends on which city centre you go

More info please email us at info@spiceup.in

Call us on +91-80-4203-6323

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