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Why Choose Spiceup Academy?

1. Quality & Conducive class

Interactive classes within a small group of people . We at Spiceup Academy give due importance to speaking in class. Every day you will be offered an opportunity to speak about the topics you have an interest in. This not only helps you boost your knowledge and confidence but also prepares you to face those situations in real life.


All the teachers at Spiceup Academy are highly qualified to teach English as they have MA (Masters of Arts) and are experienced English Teachers as well. Your English language skills will improve dramatically at Spiceup Academy.

2. Suitable class

Where do you think of going to study English? Well, most people think of the US, UK or Australia as the choice destinations but, India is one of the finest places to study English because of several reasons.

English is among the fastest growing languages in India. It is also one of the two official languages of the Union of India, besides this it is probably the best place to study English in terms of cost. In spite of this advantage there is no compromise in the quality of the classes so that you can expect to be enrolled in a course that suits you and would help you improve your English skills.

3. Course Variations

Spiceup Academy offers you the training program that is best suited to your level of English. You can select from the various courses based on your strengths and weaknesses. Quality over quality always here at Spiceup.

4. Safe environment

Bangalore is known as one of the ‘Safest Cities’ in India. It is a hub of education and industry and already has a significant number of people from all over the world living, studying and working here.

5. Complete & reliable support

WE support our students with all the formalities upon entering India and that also includes getting VISA to FRRO (Foreigners Registration). It is mandatory to get a VISA when you enter India.

*it is required to register FRRO for all foreigners within 14 days of entrance in India. Also, we provide support for accommodation arrangement and even an airport pick up.

More info please email us at info@spiceup.in

Call us on +91-80-4203-6323

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